A picture of Kenny and his clone or a clone and the original Kenny.

Episode 25: Spider-Man and Friends!!

September 13, 2018

David Trotter joins us this week to talk about all things comic books and video games. David and Kenny discuss Marvel’s Spider-Man in depth. Kenny also gives his thoughts on the Battlefield V beta. Curtis makes things weird by explaining about a special book from Bravely Default and Hayden lets us know if Ireland smells like soap. 

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Episode 24: I Wanna be a Mock Star

September 6, 2018

This week we are joined by special guest Zach Brackin! He joins us to talk about Destiny 2’s new expansion Forsaken. Kenny explains what it’s like to have to hire janitors based on their ghost busting experience in Two Point Hospital. Curtis falls in and out of love with Bravely Default and lastly, Josh talks about body slamming some dudes in Fire Pro Wrestling! 

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Episode 23: Irish Bears!!

August 30, 2018

This week we are joined by Kevin Stover who is an avid League of Legends player.  Josh lives out his wrestling fantasy by playing Fire Pro Wrestling on PS4. Curtis has finished battling for Azeroth in World of Warcraft’s latest expansion and Kenny starts learning how to fight monsters in Monster Hunter World. 

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Episode 22: Trash Raptor!!

August 23, 2018

This week Kenny talks about slaying some beats in Beat Saber! Josh explains the weird world of wrestling to everyone and Curtis introduces everyone to their new favorite trash raptor. 

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Episode 21: Tacos vs. Burritos!!

August 16, 2018

This week we talk a lot about Dead Cells and why you need to buy it! Hayden also talks about pre-ordering a game you wouldn’t expect! 

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Episode 20: Redo!

August 9, 2018

This week Hayden discovers his new career path. Curtis explores the galaxy. Josh gets stuck in an alternate time line where 3D games don’t exist and Kenny finds some bugs. 

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Episode 19: How to Beat the Boss

July 26, 2018

Kenny talks about jumping back in to World of Warcraft and getting ready for the Battle of Azeroth expansion. Josh learns about beating bosses in Octopath Traveler and Curtis is making a video game!

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Episode 18: Soundtrack to Our Lives

July 20, 2018

In this week’s episode Kenny gets excited about modeling. Hayden professes his love for Captain Toad. Josh lets you know his thoughts on Octopath Traveler and Curtis talks everyone into buying Fight’N Rage! Lastly, we talk about our favorite sound tracks from video games of the past and present!

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