This week we dive back in to Dad of Boy, I mean God of War. Kenny has finished and gives a spoiler free review of the ending. Hayden played with some card board and he is to talk about Nintendo Labo! Curtis talks about getting his┬áLorenado on in Heroes of the Storm with their new Hero Deckard Cane. Hayden talks about trying to become a wizard, but didn’t have the funds for tuition in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Curtis gives an update on Pit People and lastly, Hayden discusses his Overwatch obsession.


This week we are trying out a new segment and talk about some video game news. We discuss the Switches new hack and Fortnite Season 4.


So what’s the gang looking forward to? More God of War, getting back into World of Warcraft, Captain Toad, Jurassic World: Evolution and much more!

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